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'We're feeding the monster by keeping our children there'

(Excerpts and edits from a World Net Daily 5-17-2014 interview by Chelsea Schilling.)

Exodus Mandate Director Ray Moore:

Christian parents, do you wish to obey God and reclaim America from a godless culture? Then remove your children from the nation’s public schools.

If the evangelical community would step up and obey God in educating their own children, we could collapse the state model.

When I see a family in public schools or a pastor in public schools, I know there’s a great blindness or an area of disobedience in their lives in that particular area. I think Christians are ignorantly doing this. There’s no Bible verse that gives you permission – as a Christian family – to put your children under false doctrine and in harm’s way.

The public school system has become the domain of the Democratic left and it has fundamentally changed American culture because it successfully indoctrinated five or six generations of U.S. children.

We estimate 70-80 percent of evangelical Christian children who are in public school for their entire educational career are abandoning the church and the Christian faith in their early adult years.

It’s a holocaust going on in our churches, and we’re trying to fight a culture war while our resources are being depleted.

Children in public schools do not hold a traditional view on family issues, especially with regard to the sanctity of marriage. Students aren’t being taught the originalist view of the U.S. Constitution, and public schools are indoctrinating children with a Marxist view of American history, environmentalism, evolution and other bizarre radical agendas.

As evidence of a major cultural shift, a poll by the Pew Research Center  indicating a full 70 percent of Millennials (born in 1981 or later) support same-sex marriage. By contrast, 49 percent of those in Generation X, 38 percent of Baby Boomers and just 21 percent from the Silent Generation support homosexual marriage.

“It’s incredible! We’re losing the culture right in our homes and in our churches, and it’s because of government education.

Another  Pew Research Center analysis  in 2011 showed mothers now spend an average of 13.5 hours a week with their children and fathers only 7.3 hours per week. Moore said if a family attends church, children may spend one to two hours a week there.

Meanwhile, U.S. public schools have their children for about 35 hours a week.

Families don’t have family worship anymore. Parents don’t instruct their children in the Christian faith much anymore at home. So we’re just losing the culture because we’re losing the youth.

Churches have failed their congregations on this issue. They should be focused on forming Christian alternatives to public schools.

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret of the evangelical pastors. I’ve been in the ministry for 40 years, and I can tell you this is true because they tell me this when we talk privately. They are afraid to tackle this because they have so many public school addicts in their churches. If they address it strongly, they’ll lose their jobs. They’d rather hold onto their jobs, thinking they can do some good and win people to Christ, and not tackle the big gorilla in the room, which is public education. We think it’s the responsibility of the churches to meet this need.

The ideal model would be if churches would provide financial assistance to their tithing families who couldn’t otherwise afford the cost of a private education. Families who could afford the tuition would pay for it themselves.

We would take charge of our children’s education, and in doing that, we would take charge of the country and our culture. This would be a reformation or a revolution.

It is our hope and prayer that a fresh obedience by Christian families in educating their children according to biblical commands will prove to be a key for the revival of our families, our churches and our nation. We cannot win this war we’re in as long as we keep handing our children over to the enemy to educate. All of the symptoms and the things that we’re fighting and complaining about today have been caused because the culture has changed. The culture has turned against God, against our Constitution and against traditional values. Why is that happening? It’s fundamentally and largely [because] of the public school system. We’ve had six or seven generations where most of us have put our children in the godless, pagan school systems. It cannot be fixed. It’s a socialistic model, and we need to abandon that. As conservatives and Christians, if you think you’re going to win this war you’re in, and leave your children in those schools, it will not happen.

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